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Advice on Relevant Paperwork/ certificates to bring along

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    Guest KayO

    I am moving to Adelaide in the new year with my husband & children on a 457. I wanted to know what paperwork/certificates should I bring along? I am a UK trained pharmacist but don't intend to work for a year or so until the kids are settled and not really sure what to bring.


    Are original degree certificates, proof of registration, references adequate or do I need to get these all certified? What else do I need to consider?

    Any help & advice would be appreciated


    thanks everyone



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    Hi Kayo,


    you need an an 'Aussie' registration from the relevant pharmacy body/agency. Without an Australian registration you're not allowed to work as a chemist. I just checked that you even have to prove your work experience/accreditation and you have to retrain a little bit. The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) call it 'a period of supervised practice' and also you have to do an examination for the Australian Pharmacy Board.

    You mentioned not to intend to work for a year or so and I think you need nearly a year to get your rego! Have a look on , everything is explained or give them a ring.

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    Kayo, the best website to visit (-as far as I can see) is:



    Specifically you will need, at the very least:


    • pre-migration assessments (original or certified copies) if available
    • passport and evidence of your residence status in Australia
    • qualification/s (original or certified copies)
    • any certificates relating to apprenticeship or indentures
    • academic record/s (original or certified copies)
    • certified English translations of qualifications and academic records
    • proof of name change (for example, a marriage certificate or certified marriage extract).



    godd luck


    John B

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