Anyone been to Borneo?

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    Guest Claire-n-tel

    Hi Diane!


    Yep we've been!.....we loved it and have recommended it lots of times!


    Our big trip there was in 2007 so a while ago, although we have been back to Kota Kinabalu just a couple of years ago, lots of change and growth but we still loved it!


    So our big trip started in Kota Kinabalu, then down to Sandakan and on to a jungle camping trip and then down to Sipidan for what was some of the best snorkling in the world!


    We were keeping a travel blog so maybe you can have a read of that.....








    There are lots of photos too, click onto the second pages.


    As for recommending places, i guess it depends what you want, are you wanting to stay budget/ posh / somewhere in between? Do you want to sight see / snorkle / dive/ wildlife etc etc, let me know and i'll try to let you know a bit more :jiggy:

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    Wow Claire-n-tell - that blog looks amazing! I know where I will refer to when I want to go to Malaysia, sounds like you've had some good travel/holidays.

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    Thanks hugely - I'll have a read of your blog when I get home from work tonight!


    We want somewhere where I can snorkel and the rest of the family can dive perhaps (they all have their PADI licences) and also where we can see a bit of jungle and some wildlife. We're not five star luxury types (and don't have the budget for it) but I'm a bit of a philistine when it comes to sightseeing, and am not hugely into visiting temples and stuff like that! We like natural sights, rivers, jungles, beaches - and our idea of 'nightlife' is a meal with a few drinks watching the sun set. In the past we have tended to book flight and hotel/apartment, maybe some food, and then pick and choose a few trips/tours locally, (usually from some backstreet operator!) to explore once we get there, rather than go for the organised tour type thing. We will have our two teenagers (16 and 19) with us.


    Thinking of maybe going for a couple of weeks around April time next year. Do you think we should base ourselves in one place and explore from there, or aim to stay in two or three different places? Are there any ultra-touristy places to avoid?


    Forive me if any of these questions are answered in your blogs...:smile: I'm looking forward to browsing my way through them tonight

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    One of my daughters lived there for 2 years (army husband) and she loved it........to a point. I guess a holiday would be good but long term has it's problems.

    DSCN0041.jpg Tracy's on the left




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