UK State Pension and Austrailian.

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    I have contacted the DWP and they have told me that I have been paying in for 21 Years and to ensure I have a full UK state pension I need to pay a further 9 years contributions.


    I guess I am asking,if I pay the 9 years and work another 20 years in OZ will I get both pensions or are you only able to claim one and if so is it woth paying the 9 years off?


    many thanks




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    Guest wijaya

    Hi Simon

    I have similar experience as yours. When I left UK in 2010, according to DWP I have been paying NI for 21 years. because of that 30 years rule, now I am paying contribution towards to get full pension. It's around 60 quids monthly.


    From what I understand, UK and OZ pension are different. For the UK, when you reach pension age (currently 65 or 67), we will get pension full stop. In Australia -correct me if I was wrong - it mean tested against your assets. That's why I decided to keep paying NI contribution.. The down side only that UK pension for people who live outside UK that it won't increase yearly with the inflation rate.




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