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    I am Nat. I am not a POM. My husband is and my ex husband was as well. I am a migrant too and I've been in Adelaide for 30 years. Seen plenty of people from all nations come and go. I am happy to help anyone out with information so just ask me. I like keeping up with what's happening around the world and love a banter. Cheers. Nat.

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    Guest Palepoms

    Hi Nat


    We are currently going through the visa process and hope to move down under some time this year.



    We are a family of four, with one Girl (11 in August ) and a boy (7 in April). I am a beauty therapist and my hubby is a carpenter, we have both been self employed for many years in the UK but would probably like to be employed in Oz.



    Before we had the children we spent a year in Oz, we spent most of this time in Sydney which we loved. However, this time we are looking for a more family friendly area. We have heard excellent reports on Melbourne

    but we are also very interested in Adelaide so would love your comments. Can anyone point us in the right direction so that we can do a bit of research at this end. Where's a family friendly place to live with good schools? Where are the best beaches, parks, leisure centres etc, how's the jobs market?





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