Well 2 years in and ?

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    Still having a ball. Love Adelaide and Australia but did from the first day. It's been a quick 2 years which has seen us both on new career paths and enjoying them and the girls settled very quickly which helps. I think it helped that we had been to Adelaide before and knew what was needed when we got here (research, research, research). Lucks played a part as well.


    Seen a few come and go some without even giving it a real chance, some were unlucky though and just run out of money. Everyone says give it at least 2 years and considering how quick it goes I would say its true. The interesting thing will be to see how many stay for the 4 years to get citizenship or decide to go back after giving it the 2 years.


    Financially it costs to get here and set up but it's worth it. Met some great people, and a few not so great but that's life. Visited a few places including Lake Bonny and Robe which are lovely places. Brought some Aussie toys to enjoy in the weather. All in all we have no complaints. I don't think it costs much more then the UK, earning more, getting out and about more. Have more left over once the bills are paid.


    Can't see us going back to the UK. Life was good there and work was fine but the weather is a killer. And in truth I'm just not happy with the UK letting all and sundry live there even if they have no in demand job. And I certainly did not want to pay them benefits when they had put nothing in. The place is just too overcrowded. I will always be British though even though we lost the Ashes 5-0 :(


    Should post on here more still but work and life just seem to busy. Also tried helping a few through my work and although most appreciate the help. You always get a few though who moan about what they have to do when here when they really should have known before they got here.


    To all that are coming Over good luck. Don't worry about the exchange rate that was great 10 years ago as 10 years ago you was not ready or could not get here. Take your time when it comes with the conditions it comes with and give it your all. Do not say I will give it 6 or 12 months as it's no time at tall. 2 years flies by and so will our next 2.


    To all those here, how lucky are we :)


    See you on the sunny side.

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    Really thoughtful post.


    We've just hit the 18 month mark, though we've only spent 4 months in what I think is our journeys end so it feels like we are having to semi-settle in again. I look at what we have achieved and done in that time though and it's great (though I still struggle with the emotional cost of leaving behind mum, nephew I've yet to see, etc) and in truth, there isn't anything else left in the UK for us other than family and a few friends. I find the things I do miss in the UK are being replaced by the cool things here.

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    What a fab post! Positive attitudes bring positive results! I'm just at the beginning of our visa process and sitting Ielts on saturday. Eeek! Then hopefully we will be one step closer to Adelaide!

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    Congratulations on surviving .................. and enjoying your first two years


    Glad you're having a ball - we are too (2 years, 3 months for us) We loved it from day 1 and it still feels like a holiday of a lifetime we are so lucky to be here. We are resigned to it being more expensive - it is for us as we do not work and are dependent on British Pensions so are subject to fluctuating exchange rates.


    We've been to loads of places taking advantage of Travel Auctions - Flinders, KI, and Murray River on previuous trips before we emigrated - Lake Bonney, Barossa and Clare, Burra, Robe, Mount Gambier, Ocean Road, Fleurieu Peninsular, Port Broughton and Moonta since we arrived. As you can see, we don't sit around. We belong to several 'social' groups - BERIA, quilting for me and bowling & Probus for Clive. We occasionally get to one of the Noorlunga beach meets but most of our good friends are Aussies.


    We have an unmarried son in the UK but no other family - he came to us last Christmas and we chat regularly on Skype. I do miss friends but we get by with Skype and Facebook.


    No regrets at all and we were lucky that we felt completely settled here within weeks, not months or years. A positive attitude and determination to make it work really helps but we were lucky in that we didn't have the added burden of having to find employment or have to consider young children like so many of you on here.


    PS - Clive started cheering for Australia the day we arrived so the Ashes win for Australia is a bonus!


    Queen Elizabeth prepares to welcome home The Ashes Team

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