Jessica Berry

Liberals want more migrants to South Australia

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    I am not sure if this will be an election winning policy or not.......




    THE South Australianopposition has pledged to promote the state as an attractive migrationdestination in countries where it has strong cultural and family connections.

    Opposition Leader Steven Marshall says the Liberals want to kick-start population growth and will ask the federal government to give SA preferential migration status if the party wins the Marchstate election.

    He says a Liberal government would introduce policies to convince more young people to stay and to attract more people from other regions of Australia and from overseas.

    Among those will be an increase in funding to multicultural groups who help settle migrants into local communities.

    "What we know is if we'regoing to grow our economy and if we're going to grow our jobs, we have got to grow our population," Mr Marshall told reporters on Wednesday.

    "If you look at all the writing on this issue, what is says is that population growth actually creates jobs. It doesn't take jobs, it creates jobs."

    Mr Marshall has also committed a Liberal government to cutting waiting times for visas and to working with the business sector to identify skill shortages which can be filled by employer-sponsored migrants.

    "Boosting our population boosts our state's productivity and that's why we need to encourage more people to live, study and work in our great state.



    ( - 8/1/13)

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    Steven Marshall in election mode. He doesn't state how population growth creates new jobs. There are no logical or reasonable evidence or examples after this flat statement.

    Just blah, blah, blah in order to make revenue out of prospective migrants.

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