Career Change-Your experiences,easy or not?

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    I have noticed recently on ex pat forums a few people have mentioned career changes,just thought it might be interesting for people on here contemplating doing it,to hear of peoples experiences,in terms of old and new job and how easy, or otherwise was it to do e.g time and costs involved and was it worthwhile in terms of securing a job.



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    There are a number who change career paths, the main reason is they can't find work in their chosen field.

    I worked in the veterinary field for years, when I came out here I wanted to work as a ranger at a wildlife park so moved in to that, however, I got head hunted and ended up back working for the largest veterinary hospital in the Southern Hemisphere. Unfortunately my health deteriorated and I had to choose a career path where I wasn't on my feet 12 hours a day. So I went self employed and never looked back.

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