Guest Simar Singh

887 Visa Processing Time

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    Guest Simar Singh

    Hi Guys


    i applied for Visa 887 on 16/12/13. Just wondering how much time does it take for Visa to get approved? Used to be very quick but now days the processing has gone slow.


    Please advise



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    According to the Immigration website (which was last updated 08 January 2014), they're currently processing 887 applications which were received on the 01st July 2013, which I guess is roughly in line with the dept's service standard for processing times for 887 visas which is currently listed as 6 months.

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    Guest alam

    I think its taking a long time for indian, pakistani , srilankan and bangladeshi candidates friends applied last year in july-13, co assigned but still having no 887 visa


    i was wondering if some one clarify, is there a different priority for us because my Chinese friend got his visa in 6 days


    Any body knows about visa processing time for pakistani / indian candidates ?

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