Radio controlled rock crawling

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    Hi there, anybody aware of any radio controlled rock crawling going on around Adelaide?

    I'm moving there in the next few months & very keen to take up one of my favourite hobbies ASAP

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    Guest Claire-n-tel

    Not heard of it here, lots of people do 4 wheel driving as a kind of sport but never heard of anyone doing it with radio controled model cars but someone else might be along who knows of somewhere :smile:

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    Hi DarkfireUK,


    I was intrigued by your post as I had never heard of RC rock crawling - too old I guess lol.


    Anyway, in my quest for enlightenment I found these:






    Hopefully they can help you a bit more. There was another forum but every time I tried to copy the address, my iPad had a kniption fit and closed down! I'm sure there are others - there certainly seemed to be - but I didn't really know what I was looking for. Although I now know a lot more!


    :smile: LC

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