Migrant Hostel Life

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    If you're in town with a spare 20 mins head into the Migrant Museum, behind the State library. There is an interesting display on at the moment about the migrant hostels where the likes of us used to stay until we had sorted enough money for a house to rent or buy, a job etc. There are old style posters and photographs and people's stories. If you have a bit more time the rest of this small museum is interesting and the courtyard has pavers which migrants have paid to be engraved with their names and origins.





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    Yes it is really interesting, and the smaller annex building on the left as you go in the gates, was pretty gruesome too, even a warning on the door, but if your like me and like to read almost everything then you will need several 20min trips. The museum and the library are good too, but not so sure about the art gallery though.


    Enjoy your Adelaide, enjoy your life.:smile:

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