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    We currently live next to the Beach (Coast) in Newcastle upon Tyne. Newcastle upon Tyne is very lively, active, friendly and have great amenities, especially the nightlife. I have a daughter who is 15 years old (Center of attention and lots of friends), and my son who is 19 years old and is a professional footballer, we are a very friendly outgoing active family. Where is the best place to live in Adelaide where we can combine the Coast and also an active social life (probably near a CBD) and where my daughter can meet lots of friends in a safe and friendly community. The only thing we are worried about emigrating is being lonely with no friends or social life. Some areas we have been researching are:

    Henley Beach, Glenelg, Brighton, Grange, West Beach, Fulham Gardens. Ha ha lol had to be the most expensive places to live as well ha ha lol.


    We look forward to your replies and thanks. Tony and Family......

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    Guest Libby1971

    Pretty much everywhere in Adelaide is close to one beach or another.


    We live 10/15 mins from quite a few beaches here which is lovely.


    You don't specify what you mean by active social you mean you want to go to restaurants alot in which case I would say perhaps Norwood area but this isn't coastal so much as social. If you mean you want to meet up with lots of people, most people here tend to do that at friends houses so it makes no difference where you live anyway. The places you have mentioned are coastal certainly but I would say Glenelg is more suited for people with more money than sense and social activities centred around drinking. There is a very small cinema and not much more, more a tourist attraction than somewhere to live as a family.


    Brighton is highly over rated in my opinion but then again I am not looking for what Brighton offers.:nah:


    All the nightclubs, to the best of my knowledge, are in the city with the majority around Hindley St which is also the red light district for Adelaide. :wacko:


    As you long as you make the effort when you get here, things will be fine. Push yourself forward and offer to join in, if invited accept and join in when forums like this post events. We have had a couple of evenings outs as ladies and a couple of day trips. These are easy ways to meet new people.



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    Guest Rob and Clare

    Hi Tony,


    You are certainly looking at the busiest beach areas by a long way, the only area I could add to that list would be Semaphore.


    There are other beach suburbs too which are very nice in a lot of ways but offer very little in the way of lively nights out.


    If glenelg is within your budget then I wouldn't look anyfurther, it offers everything, shops, activities, events, restaurants and of course pubs. If it isn't within your budget then consider drawing pretty much a straight line from Glenelg to the city, there is a Tram line along that route that runs every 10 mins, that takes you to glenelg or the city, these suburbs are a little cheaper and offer great transport.

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