anil bhardwaj

civil engineer

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    I have just landed in Adelaide on last Thursday.I have SA sponsored PR visa 176.Being holiday on sat,sun and mon i could not able to start the job hunt.A cursory enquiry @ the prospect of job as civil engineer in SA has developed a cold feet in me.I am perplexed as how to start with.Am I to leave search for civil engineer job altogether and search other jobs. I have passion for my profession. I want to continue in my profession which i nurtured for 10 yrs.


    Will any one will help me in planing my job hunt strategies.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm not a civil engineer but do know there are various websites that list jobs, agencies that you can register with and the local paper has a job day (hopefully someone can help out with which day that is!). I would start your search with these and good luck.

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