Poms in Adelaide Facts and Figures

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    [img2=left][/img2]For those of you with a penchant for vital statistics,

    here are some facts and figures for 2013 and January 2014.








    • PomsinAdelaide was visited more than 1 million times during 2013 - 1,060,739 times to be exact -our highest ever yearly total
    • Those visits were made by 489,731 'unique visitors' - our highest ever yearly total
    • 8,394,422 pages were viewed - our second highest ever yearly total
    • 31,733 posts were made on the forum


    January 2014


    • 102,877 visits to the forum - our highest ever monthly total
    • 45,682 unique visitors to the forum -our second highest ever monthly total
    • 902,423 pages viewed - our second highest ever monthly total




    Given the challenge that forums have faced over the past few years from the behemothic social networks (a situation that has sadly led to many forums falling by the wayside) Id like to say a big thanks to all the current and previous mods who have all put lots of personal time and effort in and have helped the forum grow and become such a worthwhile resource for people moving to Adelaide.

    A big thanks also to all members who participate on the forum - with so many social networks vying for your time, we appreciate the continued contributions you make on the forum. :notworthy:


    To mix and match idioms & misquotations, it would appear that there's life in the old forum yet, and tale's of its demise has been greatly exaggerated. :yes:




    .... and now a plea for help (don't worry, we're not asking for donations!:laugh:)


    If members could have the occasional browse through the 'unanswered threads' (link in the lower menubar at the top of each page), we'd be extremely grateful. Unanswered threads are, unsurprisingly, threads without a reply. Sometimes, they just get missed, people online at the time might not know the answer to a question being asked and the thread drops off the front page etc. Unfortunately, often, if a new member doesn't get a reply (and perhaps they're not that familiar with forums), they take it personally and never post again. So, if anyone can help out with any of the unanswered threads, that would be great :notworthy:


    All the best



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    Great news and testimony to the time and effort you and Kate put in on the admin side.




    Also from the mods' side of things, I'd like to thank all the members that go to the trouble of reporting anything that looks "spammy" -that's a great help and helps keep the site clean and on track. For anyone new, each post has a little warning triangle at the bottom - if you think something sounds fishy (or breaks the rules) you just click on that, take a few seconds to put an explanation of what you think is wrong, and it is then flagged up for all the Mods and Admin to check out :smile:

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