Riverland advert

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    Has anyone seen the new riverland advert?

    Now THAT is what a tourism ad should be! Much better than the other silly formats.

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    Had to google it to find it but then sat through 4 or 5 other tourism ads and now I need to buy a kayak to disappear off down to the Coorong and pack up our tent and head into the Flinders.


    Actually to be honest my husband has been nagging about a trip up into the Flinders and I keep putting him off but actually seeing that video makes me think it might be quite nice (I had images in my head of dust and flies - even though we drove past them on the way to Coober Pedy last year).


    I think you're right in that the Riverlands one actually shows what the Riverland has to offer - if you visit us you can buy lovely produce, eat and drink and take in some beautiful views. Job done.

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