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    Just wondered if anybody out there can advise on my query. I'm currently in my final year of my nursing degree. My partner has already secured us a 190 pr visa in August of last year with no restrictions. I would really like to apply for the TPPP with South Australia but i'm not sure what priority I fall under when they allocate places. I am aware that there are no where near enough places as it is but was hoping if I am in a higher category that the last I may stand a small chance!! Below is the question that is on SA Health FAQ page. I have already contacted SA Health but am awaiting their reply!


    Any help would be gladly received :smile:




    1. Will SA Health give priority placement to South Australian candidates overinterstate or overseas candidates?
      Yes SA Health has determined that successful applicants will be prioritised in thefollowing order:

      1. Candidates of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island descent
      2. Candidates who are permanent Australian residents/citizens and are either:
        • A South Australian resident applying for a position in a country ormetropolitan location; or
        • Live outside of South Australia and are applying for a Country HealthSA site only, and live within a 200km radius from that location

        [*] Candidates who are permanent Australian residents/citizens who live in a stateother than South Australia

        [*] Candidates who are permanent New Zealand residents/citizens

        [*] Candidates who are visa holders or overseas candidates


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    Guest Claire-n-tel

    Hi Donna!


    I would have thought you would come under priority 2. Having said that i would have though that most people applying would come under priority 2.


    There have not been enough places on graduate programs for the students qualifying from unis in adelaide and i'd guess a good 90% of those would be pryority 2's


    Having said all that i guess you won't know until you apply :smile:

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