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    In the lead up to this year’s state election, RAA is calling on all South Australian motorists to become an RAA Road Champion and join the drive for better roads.


    On behalf of our almost 600,000 members, RAA is advocating for greater investment in road infrastructure, learner driver training and public transport – topics that have been highlighted as areas of concern in feedback from our members.


    RAA surveyed twelve city routes in 2013. Eleven of the twelve routes surveyed during the morning peak period were operating below the minimum acceptable standard. The afternoon peak run was a little better, with 3 out of the twelve routes operating at an acceptable standard.


    Goodwood Road commuters, travelling toward the city, spent an extra 12.5 minutes in the car every morning last year than they would have if our roads were operating properly during peak times. This equates to a total of around 52 hours a year.


    City bound South Road commuters spent an extra 38 hours a year longer in the car in 2013 than in 2012 – a result of the introduction of bus lanes on Anzac Highway.


    This report highlights once again the deficiencies around our inner city ring route and major arterial roads.


    To show how bad Adelaide’s congestion levels are, RAA put two metropolitan roads to the test in its latest state election road challenge.


    V8 supercar driver Tim Slade was back in the driver’s seat of the RAA Road Champions car to test who would get from point A to point B first, a car….or a tortoise. Check out the video below to see the results of the RAA Road Champions Urban Road Challenge.


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    I know in the 7 years we have lived here there is a noticeable increase in traffic. When people are looking at renting/buying properties the realities of travelling times are something to consider, especially if you are travelling a distance to work. While a longish commute can seem like a good idea initially, the daily grind can get to people, along with the additional costs.


    Like the 'top gear' style video with the tortoise!

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