Jessica Berry

Wettest day in 45 years!

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    I reckon all this rain is preparing me for my impending trip back to the UK!



    Rain falling in Adelaide causes widespreadflooding and commuter chaos and breaks a 45-year old record

    • From: The Advertiser
    • February 14, 201410:17AM


    THE 75.2mm of rain that fell on Adelaide in the 24 hours to 9am hascaused traffic chaos — and broken a record dating back 45 years.

    Because the Bureau of Meteorology measures days from 9am to 9am, it hasofficially been declared the city’s wettest day since February 9, 1969, and theequal fifth-wettest day on record.

    Only halfway through the month, it is already the fifth-wettest Februaryon record and the wettest since 1969.

    It has been a morning of traffic chaos across Adelaide as flooded roads,broken traffic lights, malfunctioning rail crossings and fallen trees causehavoc in the city.

    Up to another 60mm of rain could fall again today as emergency servicesare currently responding to hundreds of flood-related callouts at homes andbusinesses, including homes at Albert Park, Woodville, Glenelg, Peterhead,Kilburn and at Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills

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    Can believe that - I had to wear my wellies for school pick-up yesterday; first time since we arrived that I've needed them.


    (We drove this morning)

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