SA Wines better than VIC wines?

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    Copied from South Aussie with Cosi:


    SA Wines.jpg


    HAPPY TO LET VICTORIA FLOG SA????? I need you to vote for SA and it only takes 15 seconds!!Today the Barossa Valley has the opportunity to host a massive conference later this year, but in order to win it they need people to VOTE. If they win it means JOBS and EXPOSURE FOR SA worth over $200,000 I'd say... Its Barossa VS Geelong whoever gets the most votes wins. This photo is the sort of stuff the Geelong Mayor is posting about SA to get the Victorians to vote. We are 300 behind PLEASE VOTE FOR SA and SHARE THIS POST on your page. We may be a smaller state than Victoria but we've got passion for our state that money cant buy. Here's the link - Get into it SA!!! http://bit.ly/SoMeT14AUFinalVoting Sorry if I'm hogging your newsfeed, I just see the opportunity for SA here and want us to win!!


    (While I do feel sorry for the people of Geelong, charity begins at home and all that!)

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    I've already voted for the Barossa but tbh I feel Geelong probably needs it more, with so many job losses and closures looming on the horizon. I didn't realise that guy was the Mayor - I saw him on tv the other day - he used to live in London and was a well known and outspoken papparazzi. He seemed really genuinely concerned about Geelong and was quoting the regeneration that has happened to UK cities such as Glasgow as a possible way forward. He has obviously come home and changed careers.

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