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    Does anybody know if your uk credit history is carried over to Australia or do you have to build up an whole new one? Would they check your uk one regards mortgage applications etc?

    thanks in advance

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    Guest Guest75

    You virtually start from day 1 here.

    You need to build up an ID as well .


    It's a points system of 100 - Passport /driving license are huge on the list.



    You kind of turn up as a bad credit because you have no history - it's all a bit weird.


    Most credit companies seem to recognize this now and can work something out.


    Andrew from Vista Services on here can certainly help.

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    word of advice - I made the mistake of applying to Harvey Normans when we arrived online not because we needed credit but to try to build up a credit history, I got refused (assuming due to my short time in the country) and then applied for a credit card with the bank, again just to try to kick start our credit rating, but got knocked back - i'm worried now that despite having a well paid, permanent job my credit rating is tainted as I have these 2 refusals on record. before you apply for credit I would advise you get some money in the bank my bank's advice to me as I had not had my first wage paid into the account when I applied for the credit card) but more importantly go into your bank and explain in person your needs, most of them have immigrant "specialists" who, i have found out too late, know how to get your foot on the ladder!

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