Guest dazzler89

Moving to Adelaide from Ireland Mid April

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    Guest dazzler89

    Darren here, 24 years old and moving to Adelaide in April on a one year working visa, Girlfriend Following me out end of may.

    Lucky enough to have good work out there waiting for me driving machines on pipeline projects around the city.

    Easy to get on with and wouldn't stress to much after work hours. :tongue:


    Looking for a bit of information on good hostels/places to rent around Adelaide or rooms to rent around the city.


    Would be great to meet with other Irish/English people in the area for a bit of banter, food and a few beers...

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    Hi Darren,


    It's great that you are arriving with a job!

    What projects throughout the city will you be working on?

    You should be fine with accomodation...remember that it's autumn, going into Winter so there are plenty of places available and negotiate with them for a good deal!

    There are regular get togethers and you will soon meet people.

    All the best.



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    Guest LMHennessy

    Info removed due to advertising rules,

    Edited by Rachiegarlo
    advertising accommodation.

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