Guest Beth&Martin

Help: What to do with teenagers in Adelaide

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    Guest Beth&Martin

    My better half has two teenagers, son 15 and daughter 13, who will hopefully come and visit us when we move to Adelaide. His son likes sport, video games, theme parks, outdoor activities and basically anything that keeps his mind active and his daughter is in to dance, singing, arts and crafts, theme parks and general girlie things.


    Does anybody have any suggestions on things to do/places to visit in Adelaide that we can tell them about and that will interest them both?


    They are sometimes hard to please as one will want to do one thing and one will want to do another. :arghh:

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    The Beach House at Glenelg has waterslides, and a few rides(small)


    Greenhills at Victor Harbor has water slides, a lake with boats, golf course, buggies, etc.


    There is an indoor Mountain climbing place up the North East Rd, can't remember what it's called.


    If they come in early sep there is the Royal show which lasts a week and has a lot of rides, sideshows, arena events and all the agricultural events, like pig diving, wood chopping contests and animal judging.


    The Aquatic centre in Nth Adelaide has diving towers and water slides.


    There are quite a few laser skirmish places where you can battle it out.


    There is the ice skating rink.


    In some suburbs there are Bluelight discos for under 17s which are run by the police.


    Movies, Shopping.


    Trip to Granite Island at Victor, take the horse tram over to the island and wander round looking at the fairy penguins/ wallabies.

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    Guest kenmcfadyen

    Although my kids weren't quite teenagers they enjoyed lots of things around Adelaide. We did the following:


    Boogie-boarding at the beach - we did this few times and bought boards really cheaply

    Swimming with dolphins departing from Glenelg for a morning - amazing

    Australian wildlife centre at Urrimbarra (?spelling) near Victor Harbour - my daughter particularly liked feeding the kangaroos.

    My kids even enjoyed watching us wine tasting (because they had never seen vineyards and olive groves).

    Camel riding at Victor Harbour.



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