9 Korana St, South Plympton

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    I know loads of people want to live by the beach in a fairly new house, but this house has just come on the market in my area. I went to look at it yesterday out of interest. It's 3 bedrooms, eat in kitchen, living room, bathroom and sep toilet, with a sun room off the main bedroom. Good size back garden, nicely landscaped front with hedges. sep garage.


    Judging by the decor I think this is a deceased estate, there was a skip out the front 2 weeks ago being filled. Most of the comments I heardwhen I was at the open was that it was going to be a lot of work.


    It is extensively wall papered, which you can see is covering many cracks. Its a double brick walled house built on the old style foundations so that is not so unusual in Adelaide. The living room had the original 40s fireplace which is unusual, as most of these have been removed from the houses round here. The kitchen has been modernised to some extent, but is usable now. The floor boards that have been polished appear to have been in good nick beforehand. It's also a corner block. The house and garden has a cottagy feel.


    If you are a handy type person, or painter/decorator, then this could be ideal for you if you want to live closer to town. This suburb is well sought after as it's close to everything with good transport options. I'd say if you are able to do most of the repair work yourself then this is a bargain.


    Toop and Toop are the agents and it is up for auction. Houses like this go for 350-400 000, depending on demand. A lot of developers buy and knock over and shove a duplex on the site. I love this house and I would hate for this to happen to it, as it has good street appeal.


    Anyway thought one of you may be interested and yes the orig title was no 7 but it is no 9 just couldn't change it. :)



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    Guest Django
    the orig title was no 7 but it is no 9 just couldn't change it.


    Changed it for you Rachel.:cool: Sounds like a potential bargin to be had.



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