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190 Visa application processing

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    Guest Casper

    Hi to all members,


    I have been reading all post regarding 190 visa application at this forum and its seem very helpful.


    I just want to share my situation with you guys and plea for help and please reply if anyone in the same situation as we are.


    EOI INVITATION - 8/8/2013

    State Nomination received 12/8/2013

    190 Visa Applied 14th August 2013

    Health check done 20/09/2013

    CO allocated - Team 2 30/09/2013

    All the required document submitted 31/10/2013


    Since then we haven't received any response regarding my visa application, I tried to contact with my CO so many time via emails, phone but not response ... 18/3/2014 someone contacted me on behalf of my CO said that we are trying to finalise your application ASAP but since then we are again on wait and now this wait is killing me it's been 7 and half months after I applied for, and the normal processing time is 3 months. Please guide me if you know anything about or someone in the same situation want to share anything handy will be great help.

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    Try to be pacient. Some cos have been known to tell people that they will put their application to the bottom of the pile if they keep getting hassled.

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