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Just started the ball rolling..... any help and guidance much appreciated

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    Guest sammysue

    Hi we've decided to take the plunge and start with our application. We are just putting together my husbands skills assessment (hes a painter and decorator) so hopefully going for permanent visa. Hes booked booked in to do his IELT's in June. Were hoping the process will be as smooth as possible, and not take too long, but we know things can get complicated :/

    Im an NVQ assessor in Childcare, can anyone advise on job prospects for us both out there? Also nice places to live for families as we'll be bringing 2 children aged 6 and 2.


    Thanks in advance


    Sam :)

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    First piece of advice from me is to spend a good few hours reading through this forum and the parent forum pomz in Oz (a little more agressive in my view) with a pen and plenty of paper making note of other similar peoples experiences, mistakes, tips and comment. Every single persons experience is different, some go for pr, others temp visa's etc.


    There are no short cuts and some routes can be very expensive, testing of your patience etc and like most people I'm sure you will have some doubts.


    Best of luck with it all and I find people respond best to specific questions rather than generic.


    This is a great site with plenty of comment and people generous with their time and advice both positive and sometimes negative or honest (depending on your point of view)



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