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We're NEW need advice and/or thoughts- has anyone used CPA (assessment re Accountant)

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    Guest AJ1881

    I have been hoping to live in Adelaide for over a decade now. During this time I was trying to 'tick off' all the boxes and with time 'lost points' on age and 'partner' (my better half just turned 50).


    Before we go into spending funds on IETLS, CPA assessment and community language certification, I wondered if anyone can advise us.


    So in summary, I wondered if anyone on the forum knows of another person(s) who may have used CPA to provide assessment re work experience and qualifications for Accounting occupations?


    I would be most grateful for your advice, thoughts and experience shared.


    Also, how bad the effect of my better-half's age would affect the application (obviously the no points claimed is just the first one, but I wondered if there are any other prejudicial thoughts). I just think that age should not (and certainly does not define a person, but there we are).


    Many thanks

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