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Guest lawrose

Getting a job as solicitor or lawyer on 457 Visa

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    Guest lawrose

    Hi all


    I've been lurking in the background reading through PIA for the last couple of weeks and would love to hear from any Irish or British qualified lawyers who moved to Adelaide (or anywhere else in Oz) on a 457 Visa.


    I have 6 years PQE in a small general practice - doing mainly Wills/Estates, Personal Injury, Residential Property Law and Family Law - but with experience in other areas too such as small scale Commercial Property Law, Employment Law and a little bit of Criminal Law.


    I love the sound of Adelaide, although I've never been. I did spend a year split between Sydney and Brisbane in the late 90's on a WHV with my then boyfriend (now husband). Then about 8 years ago we spent 2 months holidays travelling around the East Coast and WA - but never made it to Adelaide. We both loved Australia but decided to return to Ireland for me to complete my solicitor training. Then we had kids and we never really thought about leaving.


    My husband is a CAD Draughtsman/Residential Architectural Technician with around 18 years experience, the last 12 years self employed. His area of work has been wiped out since around 2008-2009 and he might have 1-2 days work per week these days. He also looks after our 3 kids aged 7, 5 and 2.


    I think we would have better opportunities in Australia (for me, him and the kids), but my husband isn't so convinced. We live pretty close to both our families here and we do have a lot of family support. Having said that, he says he is (reluctantly) open to me looking into the whole thing a bit more!


    My own job is very stable and definitely has prospects for partnership in the near future. We have a beautiful house and a reasonable lifestyle, but every month it's a push to pay the mortgage and bills. Maybe I'm mad not to be happy with what we've got!


    I'd love to know what work prospects would be like in Adelaide for someone with my type of experience. I know if I had commercial experience in a big firm that I would probably have no problem getting work - but I don't!


    Is it difficult to get 457 Sponsorship from a law firm?


    I know that the only way to get PR is to be admitted to practice in Australia, which will likely involve me taking exams in certain subjects as required by the SA Law Society. Is there any possibility of completing those subjects online from Ireland, and then travelling to Oz to sit the exams?


    I'd really love to hear from anyone who has experience of the above. Thanks for your help!



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