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    Hi everyone,


    I have 2 general admission tickets for Katy Perry on the 12th November 2014. I am looking to SWAP them for the same only the previous evening, 11th November 2014. I have booked a family holiday, leaving on the 12th believing my tickets were for the 11th (I know I'm an idiot and should have checked)

    If you have tickets and are not bothered which night you go please get in touch by PM. There will be a couple of bottles of wine in it for any generous person that can help...


    Many Thanks



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    Wow 132 views !!!!! I thought Katy Perry was more popular as she has sold out !!!!


    Just bumping it up in case anyone has a change of heart.


    Obviously no can do if you are going in a group but if you have just 2 tickets for the 11th GA please consider helping me



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