Fantasy World Cup 2014

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    [img2=right][/img2]The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is now just days away and PomsinAdelaide (in conjunction with our sister site - pomsinoz) are all ready to play the official FIFA Fantasy game.


    To set up your team you will initially need to register for the game on the FIFA site. Click HERE to register.


    After you've registered, head over to click on 'My leagues' then in the 'Join League' section, search for 'Pomsinoz'. After the search, click on 'Pomsinoz' in the 'overview section'. On the next screen enter the password: pio123 and click 'Join League'.


    Full instructions can be found @


    Aside from the glory, the winner will receive $500 AUD (or local currency equivalent) and depending on what we can beg, borrow or steal, we may offer prizes for some of the minor placings as well. soccer-headball.gif

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    Thanks to all who entered our World Cup Competition. The winner (who received $500 AUD) was leeda111 who is a member of our sister site pomsinoz. The top 10 placings are below:



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