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Guest edy72

Visa Application in Progress, while SA State Migration Levels Reached

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    Guest edy72



    I have the following case


    • Applied for SA state nomination by end of Jan-2014 and got the approval by Mid Febuary-2014
    • Invited to Apply immediately after (Mid Febuary-2014)
    • Submitted Visa Application, Fees Paid by End of March.
    • Till now my application is “In Progress” and no Case Officer assigned so far
    • ON DIAC website, currently application made on 4th of March is still being processed.

    The issue is I saw on Immigration SA website that the state Migration Program planning levels for my job code have been reached for 2013-2014.

    Also for 2014, the new Occupation list my job code is available under “Special Conditions Apply” basis.


    Now I am not sure now about my application so will that mean:


    -the application processing is still moving on but slowly, and this is not affected now by the state Migration Program planning levels reached since I already received a nomination from SA and application is already lodged? Meaning it’s just a matter of time to get the Visa


    -or this will be impacted by the planning levels reached and limited demand for the new year in SA for my job code.


    Appreciate your feedback on this point.




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