457 holders: +ve changes to ENS/RSMS transitional stream

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    For any 457 visa holders out there: There is to be a change in the ENS/RSMS 'transitional stream' legislation in respect of the: '2 year requirement with same employer'.


    Legislation in respect of demonstrating the visa applicant has worked for the same employer for 2 years, is to be amended (1st July) as it is currently considered too restrictive in relation to circumstances where businesses may have undergone restructuring/takeover/sale and therefore changed their ABN/ACN/name currently impacting on the ability to nominate under the transitional stream.


    The new legislation will assist in cases where the nominee is effectively working for the same business, in the same position, performing the same duties over the required period.


    Many SC457 visa holders have been negatively impacted by this requirement in the past. If you have previously been unable to use the transitional stream option due to the previous legislation in this matter you may now wish to revisit your eligibility.

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