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Guest The Goodes

How long on average.

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    Guest The Goodes

    Hi all,

    I will get all my daft questions out of the way soon, please bare with me.

    We have contacted an agent (Thursday 05th April 2007) and hope to hear from them after the Easter Holidays.

    The intended route is with myself as a qualified Mechanic. Can anybody shed some light on these thoughts

    1/ How long will the whole process take, approximatley (?next year? this year?) Im trying to gauge the Australian desired proffessions list, the correct name escapes me.

    2/ Im on tablets for my nerves (panic attacks) this should test them... had no worries for 5 years or more. Re: Medical

    3/ Wife had very bad chest infection 2 years ago left her with asthma. NOT T.B.! Re: Medical

    4/ Ive been self employed for last 3years, I have files and recipts for Inland Revenue and National Insurance, & books, of my own.

    Other wise there are no other areas of concern... that Ive noticed...yet. That said Im not underestemating the hard work coming our way.

    Thank you, I will try and contribute to the site when I actually know somthing, anything. :oops:

    Eddie, Ang and Children

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    Guest dglamoore



    This site - - is good for seeing how long on average visas are taking. You can search by your visa type and read others timelines.


    You can also send a blank email every Tuesday to this email address - This will tell you the current processing times for each visa type (this is the date that applications filed are getting given case officers to complete the visa application and say yes or no)


    I think the professions list you are looking for is the MODL - this lists the skills in demand but will not give you times for visa processing -


    re medicals- I think it is only medical issues that will put a strain on the aussie resources they worry about so both of you should be fine.


    My OH was also self employed (til last week!!) so long as you have the tax info and paperwork etc you will be fine. The TRA is very indepth when it comes to your skills assessment but any questions just shout!


    Lisa :D

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