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Mobile Mechanic??

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    Hi there,


    Just hoping someone might be able to recommend a mobile mechanic for the Flagstaff Hill area?


    I need a new alternator put in a 2003 Falcon BA XR6 :cool:


    Equally, if any one has used a mobile mechanic that they would not recommend, I would be grateful for the heads up (by pm, obv.) as it's my son's car and I want him to be safe.


    Thank you,



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    Thought I would let everyone know that there was a happy end to my search!




    He was awesome and met all the criteria - knowledgeable, good to his word, reasonably priced, didn't get cross when the job took longer than anticipated, and such a nice guy.


    My son was overjoyed to get his car back, and for the moment at least, doesn't want to sell it!


    So thank you to all those who pm'd me, and a big thank you to the Huggesys!


    :wubclub: LC

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