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Park Trent Seminars

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    Anybody been to Park Trent Properties Group seminars? There's one coming up soon in Raynella and just wondered if it was worth while going, or is it a case of once you're through the door they hassle you with there porducts/services?

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    Hi Rich and Chit


    The idea behind these type of seminars are to coerce people into purchasing an investment property more than likely through a developer that they have an association with (as they are then likely to get a BIG commission).


    A lot of them also tend to oversell negative gearing in my opinion, remember if you are negatively geared you are losing money.


    If you are thinking of buying an investment property, my advice would be to start off by doing your own research and then talk to an Accountant (as to best structure/ownership), a Financial Planner (regards cash-flow, your goals and objectives) and a Mortgage Broker (regards finance options).


    Source these professionals via recommendations from friends/colleagues etc rather than using ones that are linked to the people running the seminar.


    Here is a good basic article found on the government money smart website:





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    I know a couple of people that have gone along to these investment property type events and for some reason seem to end up buying properties in Queensland. They then end up pooing their pants every time the words 'job cuts' are mentioned at work because they are heavily mortgaged and the last I heard the properties in Queensland were not worth what they purchased them for.

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