State Sponsorship - new option "Chain Migration"

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    [h=2]Nomination pathway expanded for South Australia[/h] Immigration South Australia introduced a new nomination pathway, chain migration*, which allows applicants with an immediate family member permanently residing in South Australia to apply for a state nominated visa.

    Chain migration enables applicants to access occupations on the South Australian Graduate List and occupations listed as special conditions apply.


    To qualify for the chain migration pathway, applicants must:

    • Have completed a Bachelor degree or higher

    • Meet all DIBP criteria and Immigration South Australia criteria

    • Have 60 points on the DIBP points test.


    To qualify for the chain migration pathway, the family member in South Australia must:

    • Be the applicant’s grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother or sister. Applicants can still apply if it’s a step or adoptive parent/sibling.

    • Be an Australian Permanent Resident or an Australian Citizen

    • Have resided in South Australia for the past twelve months.

    For full details of the chain migration criteria, view the eligibility requirements section on our website.

    *Quotas apply. Once reached, no further applications for chain migration will be accepted for the 2014/15 program year.

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