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13 reasons why you shouldn't live in Adelaide

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    13 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T LIVE IN ADELAIDE (SUPPOSEDLY)[/h] [h=2]Sunday, June 08, 2014[/h]

    I acknowledge that there are legitimate reasons for why one may not want to live in Adelaide, and I openly accept that Melbourne is my favourite city. But as an outsider who has moved in to Adelaide, I can't help but get a giggle out of some of the things that are commonly said to be the negative aspects of the city. Today I am sharing with you some of my favourites.


    1. The buildings aren’t very tall.

    It’s a hard life here in Adelaide, with all the small buildings you feel like you’re walking out in the open, and closer to nature (which is discomforting at the best of times). When you look up in the city streets you can see the sky and feel like you aren’t being dominated by a concrete jungle: all of that air makes me feel lightheaded.




    2. There is a strong European influence.

    It’s terrible. Those god awful Europeans have brought their stinking culturally rich and flavoursome food with them. What if I just wanted to eat my Vegemite sandwich in peace? Keep your pizza, pasta, pastries, salads, specialty breads and everything else away from me.




    3. There isn't enough on in Adelaide.

    Between the Fringe festival, Adelaide festival, WOMAdelaide, Come Out Festival, Cabaret Festival, Sala Festival, Guitar festival, OzAsia Festival, Film Festival, Feast Festival, as well as all of the music, cultural and food festivals, it is impossible to find something to do. Not enough festivals, Adelaide! But good try.







    4. There are too many churches.

    Every couple of blocks in the suburbs there seems to be some sort of beautifully crafted Church or another. How am I meant to concentrate when I have all of these Churches to think about?




    5. It takes 20 minutes to get anywhere from the city.

    When it takes only 20 minutes to get from the city to the beach, shopping centres, or the hills, how am I ever meant to go on road trips? Who really wants to be stuck in the car for a short amount of time anyway? Ridiculous, Adelaide.




    6. The city isn’t very busy.

    This one truly hits home. It’s not right that I can walk from one side of the city to the other within 20 minutes without being seriously maimed by fast-walking business persons or becoming lost in giant crowds. I’m trying to arrive fashionably late to places, but with peak hour not lasting any longer than a single hour and the footpaths having enough room to hold all of the pedestrians I just don’t know what to do with myself.




    7. The weather is affected by the seasons.

    Now this is just ridiculous. In Summer it’s hot and dry, Autumn a cool change sweeps through and the leaves make a mess of the streets, in Winter I have to rug up in coats, scarves and beanies and heaven forbid in Spring it be cardigan weather with all of the flowers beginning to bloom. How is one meant to use the same wardrobe all year round in this sort of nonsense? What are you trying to tell me, Adelaide; that I shouldn't expect the seasons to revolve around me?




    8. The beaches have no waves.

    I’m trying to go to the beach to be flipped upside down and dunked and drowned in the waves but how am I meant to do that when the beaches don’t have any? What’s the point in getting in the water if I’m doing so at my own will, and not that of the tide? Where is a Wet'n'Wild when you need one.




    9. The city is too flat.

    All of the other cities seem to be built over hills to some extent, but not little old Adelaide. No, in Adelaide you will be forced to walk on a flat surface for extended periods of time. That’s right. It’s too easy to walk, ride or rickshaw around this city and I don’t like how much sense it makes (and neither do my calves).




    10. It’s quiet.

    When I go to sleep in my house just outside of the city, there’s not much traffic at night. It’s discomforting to not be kept awake to the sound of passing cars or beeping horns. How am I meant to sleep, little Adelaide, if I’m not being constantly reminded of the damage we are causing to our planet?




    11. There aren’t enough busy business people.

    I sort of touched on this before: I’m not physically running into enough people when I walk through the city. I can walk a whole two hundred metres through the CBD (What CBD?) without bumping into a single person and that just doesn’t seem right. On top of that, there aren’t enough finely manicured business people talking on their phones without paying any attention to the world around them. Adelaide needs more business people to fix this. Business people fix everything. That way it can have some more traffic on the roads too, so that it can have at least a 2hour long peak hour: now that would be respectable.




    12. Sometimes the produce is too local and too fresh.

    With plenty of fresh produce being farmed only 20 minutes from the city sometimes I can’t help but feel the products are a little too real. And not to mention the wine! I don’t want to drink wine made in my own state, I want that **** to be imported and to leave the mother of all carbon footprints before I even consider tasting it.




    13. Adelaide probably doesn’t care if you don’t like it anyway.

    The cold hard truth is that there are plenty of people well established in Adelaide that are willing to hold the fort even if you don’t want to. And to be honest, they’re probably too busy enjoying all of the festivals, fresh food and wine to even know that you don't like it.

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    love it, having never visited or particularly wanted to visit Australia before, hubby got a job in Adelaide and i am now very protective of it, I love living here for all the above reasons and more, lots more, every single weekend we do as much or as little as we want. We're not wildly travelled but loved Sydney for the hustle and bustle (still wanted to come home after a few days), Melbourne was too big and inpersonal, and Adelaide is home.

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    All good fun, and I know they're not to be taken seriously, but 'commonly said' reasons for not living here?


    I've never heard anyone say they don't want to live in Adelaide because the produce is too local and fresh (come on, ffs), it has too many churches (it actually comes a fair bit behind some other Aus cities per capita) ... or because it takes 20 mins to travel anywhere from the city (apart from 'anywhere' being a rather undefined catchment area the only criticism I hear in this regard is that some people cling to the very old and out of date '20 minute city' tag where the reality is that getting from one end of the city to the other can more realistically take an hour. If only it did take just 20 mins! A person can easily sit at the multitude of traffic lights for longer than that just going along King William St, or Greenhill Road, or Main North Road ... let alone travelling from one end of the city to the other).


    As I say, I know it's a bit of fun, but if 'common' reasons are being quoted, then the list lacks a few obvious ones: stagnant economy, smallest average house blocks in Aus, oldest population, parochial etc.


    Right, I'll now take cover ... :jiggy:

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    Number 11 is so true. Having worked in the city of London and the city centre of Adelaide I can relate to this one. It must be one of the least busy city centres you can find!

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