Visa granted.....with a child who has a heart condtion.

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    Hi all,



    I just wanted to share our good news today, our visa (190) was granted today and as the title says our youngest son was born with a heart defect (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). We didn't post this information before and we we're both fully aware that our visa may or may not have been granted, but you only live once and we thought it was worth trying!!!


    Luckily our son has been very well since his open heart surgeries x3 and we kept all his medical reports since he was born. He only has a once yearly check up and thriving!

    We just wanted to show to others that it can be done, although every case is different and we do know of another family, though the childrens heart charity who's visa was refused. :( As I say its case by case.


    Good luck to you all and anyone in a similer situation, PM us.


    Kev and Liz x

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