Visa Granted!!!

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    We finally got our visa granted Yesterday morning!!! I just wanted to say thank you all for your valuable advice on here! Even though we have had an agent the information that everybody goes out of their way to give is amazing!!! Just reading the threads has given us hope some days when we thought we would never get there!!! Onwards and upwards for us it is and I wish everyone going through and starting the process a lot of good luck!!! :jiggy:

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! What a great feeling after all those hoops you've jumped through to get to where you are now!! I know what you mean about PIA; in fact, both PomsInOz and PomsInAdelaide gave my husband and me much invaluable advice and encouragement which kicked off the whole uncertain Visa application process in the first place, when we thought there was no hope! Thankfully, it all ended well and we're now only 18 months away from Citizenship!


    Well done and good luck on your future in Oz, theboardmans!

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