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Fantastic footy Express and Adelaide Oval experience

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    If you were to go on the comments from the rays of sunshine that comment on the Adelaide Now website you would have thought that the Footy moving to the city has caused nothing but chaos and misery.

    Well, I finally got round to experiencing this for myself yesterday and what a great all-round experience it was.

    Parked my car (for free) at the golden grove park & ride, jumped on the (free (with ticket)) bus, shot down the O-Bahn (another brilliantly under-rated concept) and got dropped off on King William Road right next to the convention centre. Had a few drinks looking across the lake to the new stadium, then took a noisy stroll across the bridge with the Band. Kids got their faces painted (for a $1 donation), got straight into the ground without queuing, grabbed another beer and took my seat under the scoreboard.

    No massive queues for food or toilets at half time, friendly service and good facilities.

    After the game we were all allowed to go onto the pitch and have a kick-around with the kids. Crossed KW road and got straight onto the return bus.

    No hassles, no queues, great atmosphere, fantastic stadium, in fact my biggest gripe is that they ran out of hot dog rolls at half time, says it all.

    I had visiting relatives with me and they were blown away with the whole day.

    So bloody well done to the people that make this kind of thing happen, you know, just making stuff better.

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    The O-Bahn is fantastic - so quick and convenient. Got to say, the crowds that the Oval is attracting are a great advert for its new location. Were you supporting Port at the weekend? Pretty close game....

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