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Kiwis stay away from Australia in droves

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    I thought this was an interesting article posted on about the Kiwi's heading home as 'Australia faces tough economic times', which I interpret as they are struggling to find work.



    Kiwis stay away from Australia in droves

    AUSTRALIA might be the lucky country but it seems fewer Kiwis are willing to take a chance across the ditch.


    NEW statistics show just 30,500 people living in New Zealand opted to move to Australia in the 2013/2014 financial year, down from 48,000 in the previous year.


    On top of that, the number of people relocating to New Zealand from Australia rose to 22,200 from 16,800 for the previous period.


    New Zealand citizens were responsible for most movement in both directions.


    The figures confirm past monthly statistics indicating New Zealanders are opting to stay home or come home as Australia faces tough economic times.


    Migration has slowed to such a point that there was no net migration of New Zealanders to Australia in June, the first time this had happened since August 1991.


    Statistics New Zealand also released figures showing visitor arrivals for June were 162,100, the highest on record for a June month.


    Population statistics manager Vina Cullum said growth was driven by visitors from Asia, especially Japan and China, who were opting to holiday in New Zealand.


    Visitor arrivals numbered 2.79 million in the year to June 2014, up six per cent from the previous year. Most flew in from Australia, China, the United States and the United Kingdom.


    Annual migrant arrivals were 100,800, the first time this figure has exceeded 100,000 in New Zealand's history.


    Migrant departures numbered 62,400, down 22 per cent on the previous year, leaving a net gain of 38,300 migrants, the highest annual gain since the October 2003 year.


    Ms Cullum said net migration has been positive and mostly increasing since September 2012.

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    Guest Guest75

    Is this about the time we say that their sheep are prettier or is it Tasmania??


    <tongue firmly in cheek>

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    Interesting story. A sign that the Australian economy is not looking so good anymore compared to New Zealand (which historically is unusual). It's a bit like the Poles going back to Poland when the recession hit the UK.

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