South Aust terminology.

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    Okay here are a few things for your guide book.


    Stobie poles - concrete poles reinforced with metal on each side, they carry the phone and electric wires. Invented by Mr stobie of course. The other states don't have these.


    Fritz - luncheon meat, sold sliced or in rolls. Introduced by german settlers. Elsewhere they call it Devon.


    Fruchocs- little balls of dried apricot covered in chocolate. They don't sell these interstate.


    Frog Cakes- squareof sponge cake with a shere of cream on the top covered in green (other colours now available)fondant icing, with dots for eyes and a slash in the fondant for a mouth. Made by Balfours.


    Berliner - iced jam doughnut

    Kitchener bun- doughnut with jam and cream


    Hill's Hoist - looks like a spiders web on a pole for washing. It can be cranked higher and could turn round inthe wind as well if well oiled.These used to be heavy metal affairs cemented into the ground and kids used to love swinging round on them. Now you can get lighter removable ones as they did take up a lot of space. Made by Mr Hill of course.


    Dagwood dog - saveloy in batter on a stick and half dipped in tomato sauce.


    Pie floater- The pie cart sells these to late night revellers in Victoria square in town. A meat pie sitting in pea soup and tomato sauce squirted on top.


    Torren's title - Mr Torrens developed this to describe a land title that was shared by a group of dwellings, like a couple of units on 1 housing block.

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