time to get serious!!!!

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    Right all , time to put you all to good use ..

    arriving in November, ( bit daft as holidays just about to kick off!)however, looking for a place for 2-3 weeks to enable us to hunt for a permanent base , needs to be close to transport links and to amenities (ie pub!). We have both turned forty:arghh: but still only 21 at heart, so want something more south of France than magaluff. Any advice on areas to be, or avoid would be great, and looking forward to meeting you guys for a well deserved beer.!!!!

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    I would no worry too much about where you start but get looking for a short term rental. There are several on the internet you can book online.

    I love living in the South but you would probably be better in the Northern beaches but they are more expensive.


    Good luck


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