Guest ayatochi

475 extended to 489 query

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    Guest ayatochi

    I have applied for 489 visa for extending my 475 as 20 days short of the 2 year living in SA requirement.

    Yesterday I got the required material list from the officer then I was shocked and confused.


    All those materials I have already submitted when I was applying for 475 years ago.

    It seems they are going to re-check everything like a totally new 489, not based on 475?


    I was asked for:


    Evidence of Birth or Age - Do I need to get the certificate translated again and signed by JP again?


    Evidence of English Language Ability - My old IELTS result has expired (only 2 years). It was used for 475 years ago. Does this requirement mean I still need to take the IELTS test again? - This point confused me most. I thought they would rely on all the old records as it is an extension of 475.

    Passport Bio-pages - Travel Document - no query


    Evidence of Australian Work Experience - It's ok. I have been working in Adelaide full time since Oct 2012. But now I wonder whether they want the working experience before I came to OZ, which was used for 475 application?


    Evidence of Character - no query


    Evidence of Health - no query



    My background:

    I activated my 475 visa on 03 AUG 2011, which means it will expire on 03 AUG 2014.

    I planned to move to OZ 02 AUG 2012. Then I would be just meet the requirement of 2 years.


    But unluckily, I had acute catarrhal conjunctivitis suddenly before my departure. and I have to arrive Adelaide later than plan.

    I finally arrived OZ on 23 AUG 2012.


    That means 20 days short of 2 years.

    My 475 VISA will expire on 3 AUG 2014. And I would not have been staying in OZ for 2 years until 23 AUG 2014.

    JUST 20 DAYS!!


    I have to apply for 489 to extend right?


    But what they required make me feel I am applying a 489 which is totally un-related to my 475. They will re-check all the things like I have never submitted them?

    Is anyone doing 475 extension for 489 as well?


    So confused and the time is so limited.


    Hope anyone can help me.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Guest Claire-n-tel

    hi! do realise that your visa expires then in one hour? I am fairly sure that You need to have an application for another visa submitted before it expires


    although I thought that 475 visas were usually valid for 3 years and in that time you must live in a regional area for 2 years, otherwise it would mean even if you just went overseas for a week you would not be eligible?


    have you actually checked the expiry date?

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    Generally there aren't extension visas. It sounds very much like you are applying for a full new visa.


    It would definetly be worth contacting a migration agent, as you may find your two year clock start again (not sure on that one, best to check).


    Good luck.

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    Guest Claire-n-tel

    From the immi website


    This information is for people who have already been granted a Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 475). It explains your rights and obligations.



    You can use Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) for free to check your visa details and entitlements.



    Expand allCollapse all

    How long your visa lasts

    This visa is valid for three years from:



    the date the visa is granted, if you applied for the visa in Australia

    the date you enter Australia, if you applied for the visa outside Australia.

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