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190 visa

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    Guest berries


    just a scenario I would like some help with please.

    So I get a 190 state spons visa on my job,,, what if I cant find a job when I get there??

    Can my husband work instead of me?

    Do I have to be employed in the occupation that my visa was granted for??

    Can I get any job?

    I know I have to there for 2 yrs?


    cheers folks

    please help:unsure:

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    hi berries,


    The 190 Visa is the state sponsored Permanent Resident Visa. Even though you needed a profession/occupation to apply, you do not have to work in that profession/occupation and can do what you want...

    You have a moral obligation to stay in the state that sponsored you for 2 years. After that you are free to live where you want. (technically, if you have no morals you can live where you want, when you need to wait!)


    Any of the persons on the Visa application are allowed to work in whatever job they want to, assuming they are at a working age of course...





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