Anyone in the Eastern burbs interested in creating a baby-sitting circle?

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    So we've got the house, the shipping has rocked up, now its time to create a bit of a social life! Is there anyone in / around the norwood area that would be interested in setting up a baby-sitting circle?

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    Hey :)


    I tried a couple of times in the past to get a babysitting circle going on the forum. For people who had yet to arrive to connect and also once they were here. Sadly though a few expressed interest in it no one really followed it up further that I know of. I did it as a more general thing to cover everywhere hoping people from different areas may try to get themselves organised. In the end I deleted the group. I've done this twice now.


    If you need a babysitter anytime feel free to give me a shout. I hold an Aus police check for school/child purposes as I volunteer at our school and also the previous one. And UK police check obviously for my visa. I'm happy to meet you elsewhere in advance or pop round to say hello and met you all if you would like as I know how hard it can be to leave your kids with someone new. I'm not in the east but can get across there easily enough.

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