Anyone know of a good ophthalmologist/can we afford to move?

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    So, right about now we should have been waving good bye to our friends and family and starting our new adventure, but, after a few wasted appointments at our local hospital (Barnsley, S, Yorks), my other half has been diagnosed with a rare eye disease. We have been told it's treatable but not curable. They are trying to manage his condition currently. So from 2 visits to the doctors in the last 15 years (which I have made him attend) he's now had @ 25 hospital visits in the last 3 months!


    From other posts I realise this means the NHS has saved us a small fortune, but we are still hopeful that once they have his condition managed, we can still make the move. Obviously, though, we need to know the financial ramifications of his treatment.


    His diagnosis is 'birdshot chorioretinopathy'. He has to take immuno-suppressants, which at the beginning meant weekly blood tests for a month, then fortnightly blood tests for 2 months, now he just has a monthly appointment - a check up with the doc and his blood tests on the same day. Initially they tried to blast the disease with some steroid infusions. He had 5 in total. He's just had steroid injections in his eyes as the infusions weren't enough.


    We still don't know if this is the right treatment for him. They may have to change his medication which will mean going back to the weekly (then fortnightly) blood tests again. Hence the reason we have not moved yet!


    How do we find out if there is a doctor over there who knows how to treat the condition? How much treatment will cost?


    I'm really at a loss as to where to start...


    Last Xmas I declared I had cooked my last Xmas dinner for everyone (having done 17 in a row!!), we were pricing up shipping fees and started the countdown to 'the big move'. And here we are!


    Please tell me the move is still possible!


    Rachael x

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    Sorry to hear that, he sounds like he's had a tough few months, as have you! My best suggestion is to contact the Royal Adelaide Hospital Opthalmology Department and perhaps ask them a few questions, or email them - is the link I think.


    You could also ask your specialists in England if they know of anyone. From experience in other medical areas, the specialists seem to know each other, even across the other side of the world, and may well have done internships at each others hospitals so definitely sound them out for their advice.


    Best of luck xx

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