Hello to the fellow migrants

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    We are coming to Adelaide September 20, 2014. Yey!!!


    We are a family of 4, with two kids aged 8.5 yrs and 2.5 yrs respectively. I am an Electrical & Electronic Engineer with specialization in Telecommunication and 8+ yrs experience. She is a Pre-School teacher with 4+years experience.


    Initially we shall stay at the house of a friend in Blair Athol. Friend will be offshore for 5 weeks, so we will have the house for our own during this period. The rent is also cheap I think - 240$ PW. I hope we shall find our own accommodation in the mean time.


    Since we couldn't secure any jobs from overseas, could you please suggest me which sub-urb will be best for us? We are looking for a cheaper rent, close to good school and ideal base for our job hunting.


    Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.



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    Hello :-) good luck with your move. Can't be of any help with the area I'm afraid. I have noticed the Northern suburbs are cheaper but it depends on the property.

    We rent in the Western suburbs and pay $460 per week for a nice unfurnished basic 3 bed.

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