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    Hi,my name is Evelyn and I live in the UK.My husband Stephan and I are both retired and are looking for a short term furnished rental from January-March 2015 so we can visit our family, who live in Seaford Adelaide.Our Grandchildren are growing so fast and we both thought to rent would be a better option and also have our own time.We both love Australia and would move tomorrow,but at our age (60s) I do not think its allowed.

    We only need a 2 bebroom accommadation and not to expensive if thats possible.:smile:

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    Hi Evelyn,



    Welcome to the forum.


    Unfortunately it is the most expensive and in demand time you are looking at visiting.


    Down south there are few 2 beds units /accommodation available.


    Sorry to be negative but best you know a lot of accommodation around this time is booked a year in advance.


    If I do hear of anything I'll let you know.


    On a plus point , there are some ways to join your family here , but I think it may be expensive again.


    Good luck.

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    And yes, you could migrate here under the parent visa but its expensive, as in $40k per person ballpark. Plus then you'd need an income from pension etc to be able to live.

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    Have you tried the Adelaide house sitting website. I know a few members on here have used it and house sat for people when they first arrived. Hopefully they might post on here in reply also.




    Yeap - we used that site with great success, had 3 weeks looking after a house in Ingle Farm (and associated husky) and then, with a slight overlap, 7 weeks in Moana looking after another house and dog. We split the family up to cope with the few days overlap.


    Worked well, met the first couple when on our reccie trip and made the arrangements then, but skyped the other people only.


    10 weeks of accommodation with only the bills to pay really helped us.

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