Visa granted- need a wee bit of help with a few things

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    My first post on here having finally got our visa last week. How much of a stress was that!!


    Been checking the various posts on here for a while and found a lot of stuff really useful. We are not alone.......


    Anyway, we are now in the process of applying for jobs before moving down. Reccee planned etc later in the year, maybe start next year depending on timings. Will look for a short term furnished holiday let for a month or so. Nothing unusual in any of this.


    I possibly could be based in the taperoo area for a year or so initially so am now looking towards long term rental in this area, west beach, semaphore, Henley, west lakes area. We had thought we would be based in the southern suburbs so this is a bit if a change of plan. We have not researched semaphore, Largs Bay Area etc before so are looking for a steer -


    any general thoughts re these areas in terms of best suburbs in this area to arrive/integrate?

    any experience re good state primary schools in these areas - we might now need to consider ones with some pre and after school clubs, albeit, if we can locate into this area our commute won't be too bad etc

    anyone with experience of other suburbs near to taperoo, Peterhead etc generally that we should specifically research and consider.


    You think you have problems waiting for the visa grant, only to find you have a whole list of new worries! Don't get me wrong, it's a great worry to have and we are very lucky and feel very grateful.


    sorry for length of first post - just wanted to get it all out there.





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    Henley always strikes me as a good suburb. I have visited only a few times though, so it's just the impression/feel I got, nothing more. I know a few people who've lived there and were very happy when renting. It can be a pricey area to buy in if you are thinking longer term also. Also someone looked at buying there, it was a suburb on their short list with housing, schools etc in mind.


    You'd probably be fine in most of those suburbs. It will probably boil down to personal preference and schooling. When I'm at my computer later I'll post a link to a school website for you so you can research more.

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