Laundering a kingsize patchwork quilt

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    I've had a kingsize patchwork quilt for almost 20 years - in the UK it mostly sat in a bedding box and was only on show whenever we were trying to sell our house, now we're here it only comes out over winter to add extra weight to our bedding. I was wondering about laundering it - I think it might benefit from a wash after 20 years...


    But how do I do this; it's too big and would become too heavy when wet for our washing machine, the machines in the launderette are top loading and I don't think have the capacity to wash it either so would a dry-clean be as good or should I try and find a specialist service for it?

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    I took my quilt to the laundrette. They had different sized machines so I just used the biggest. Came out fine, I even put in in a large dryer.


    A dry cleaners will launder it too. I take my down duvets to them to be washed not dry cleaned. Most dry cleaners do a quilt wash service.

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