What is the schooling like?

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    Hi Everyone, firstly thanks to everyone who replied to our introduction message, we are on the brink of making the first step to immigrating to Adelaide, there is one concern we have as there are varying stories on this- what is the schooling like? we have a boy 14 & a girl 12 & the last thing we would want is them to suffer through bad schooling, we are aware you have to pay ,but for those over there, please give us some feedback on this as it will probably be the final push we need, thanks guys, Paul.

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    Guest Libby1971

    Hi Paul


    There are quite a few past threads on this subject, alot of them replies by me.


    Schools differ as you would expect according to the area. Some are good, some are not so good. The focus here is different from schools in the UK - instead of govt targets, league tables and stressed out kids, here they expect the kids to enjoy themselves a bit more, learn about responsibility and while kids are not pushed as hard in the lower years, the work becomes increasingly challenging and eventually catches up the the UK.


    Let's be honest, we have all met at least Aussie. Did they strike you as being poorly educated?


    Do a search on posts on this theme and you can see more opinions on this.



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    Guest Zippy

    A general indication is the closer to the city, the better the public school. This is because suburbs closer to the city are generally better-off financially. Like every state, there are good schools, bad schools, sports schools, academic schools, etc. Try find a school in a good suburb - this will be your best bet at success. PS - Most schools are really conscious about things like bullying, racism, etc, and try hard to educate their students about right/wrong.

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